Corporate Event Entertainment


“When one understands how to change

the way to look at things,

the things they look at change.”

Bruce James Francisco

Bruce’s keynote/show is called Visionary Mind Power with an understanding of the subconscious mind and how it affects our everyday behavior in business and our personal lives.

Whether you’re looking to entertain at a sales conference, a corporate holiday party or motivate your workforce with a new perspective, Bruce’s performance will leave the audience spellbound and inspired with simple mind tools that can be used to conquer the ever changing and sometimes stressful world.

For the Business Owner or Corporate Event Planner that is looking to motivate and empower their workforce. Bruce James can focus on the power of the mind and create a show with a keynote geared to portray your vision or expectation with precision, and deliver.

A successful serial entrepreneur. Bruce James shares real life business experience and struggles at a corporate performance while providing practical insight and proof that anything is possible with the power of the mind.

The corporate keynote incorporates Visionary Mind Power as the central theme applied to the “needs assessment” of your company we make within a consultation prior to the conferences and event.

Our show is completely customizable (You’ll be given a questionnaire used discover your needs as an organization) , yet reveals the importance of recognizing and keeping good habits, breaking old useless ones and reforming new habits to fuel the energy behind reluctant, yet necessary change in the ever changing world.

Organizations and individuals have found this to be an effective way to increase productivity and/or efficiency, reduce stress or address any issue.  My discussion migrates into a hypnosis demonstration driving the message home offering tools for implementation.

“When we realize the power of our mind, we can remove our limitations and exceed our expectations.”

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